Thursday, September 02, 2010

I left my heart in San Francisco

I have in an ironic dilemma.

The irony is, while I think the accounting line is undeniably the most soulless, unforgivingly unappreciated, back office profession there is, I find myself constantly looking for ways to improve my knowledge of the industry, like pursuing ACCA and mulling the idea of venturing into a MBA or even CFA in the near future.

Hence the dilemma. Should I even bother to get a MBA or a CFA certificate? I mean, they do not come cheap. The crappiest MBA costs around RM 20,000 while CFA costs a total of USD 10,000. I always tell people that at the moment, I just don't see myself climbing so high the corporate ladder in the next 20, 30 years. I always see myself retiring as a teacher/lecturer. In which case a MBA/CFA would be a waste. But I do believe that a teacher/lecturer should be knowledgable in areas beyond the subjects that he teaches. Which a MBA/CFA and the working experience that it would offer, would prove to be invaluable.

Some people told me that I should only think about it when I cross the bridge, ie. after completing my ACCA. But I just don't like not knowing what to do next. All my life, everything has been laid out for me. Lulus tadika, masuk sekolah rendah, masuk sekolah menengah, masuk universiti, kerja, kahwin, pencen, mati. But the first 4 phases have a finite timeline. They're like Rancangan Malaysia 5 year plans. While the following three phases has no finite timeline due to the possibility of the final phase coming in between the three.

Tengok, kepala lain, ekor lain.

I really need to take a break, and reassess my plans.


I am not your usual reality-TV-talent-show fan. Yes, I do admit being an avid follower of Star Academy 4 (the equivalent of Akademi Fantasia) during the first year I was France, but that was completely for blending in and cultural adaptation purposes. I do watch American Idol sometimes, Malaysian Idol and One in a Million once upon a time. But I firmly believe that people in Akademi Fantasia should just shut their mouth and let others live a tranquil Saturday evening.


I have recently watched America's Got Talent, and I am now a fan of Terry Fator. Like totally. Seriously if the show was running in Malaysia, I would certainly take my phone and vote for him. How can you not vote for this guy?


Anonymous said...

antara post yang matang yang aku pernah baca. bagus =)

penglipurlapar said...

Hidup ini umpama akaun simpanan tetap. kadang2 matang, kadang2 belum